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CSISG 2022 Full Year data: Q1 - Retail & Infocomm, Q2 Land Transport, Q3 F&B and Attractions, Q4 Finance and Insurance

The Customer Satisfaction Index of Singapore (CSISG) is a landmark measure of customer satisfaction cutting across a variety of key sectors and sub-sectors in the services industry of Singapore. The study was produced and updated on an quarterly and annual basis from 2007 to 2022. First launched in April 2008, the CSISG is an independent and qualitative indicator of the Singapore economy. It covers 8 core economic sectors, more than 20 sub-sectors and numerous companies from the Air Transport Finance, Food & Beverage, Info-communications, Insurance, Land Transport, Retail, and Tourism industries. This national barometer of customer satisfaction in the Singapore economy serves as an objective gauge of service competitiveness between businesses, industries, and even countries. As it reports the overall customer satisfaction scores of every sector and sub-sector, including a ranking of the companies measured, the CSISG serves as an invaluable benchmarking tool across industries in the services sector.

The methodological foundations of the Customer Satisfaction Index of Singapore can be traced to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), developed by the National Quality Research Centre (NQRC) at the University of Michigan. The American Customer Satisfaction Index has been the standardised measure of customer satisfaction in the US economy since 1994.The Customer Satisfaction Index of Singapore is based on econometric modelling of data obtained from interviews with actual users of products and services.

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