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Data and source code for "Automating Intention Mining"

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posted on 2022-10-03, 08:32 authored by Qiao HUANG, Xin XIA, David LODavid LO, Gail C. MURPHY

 The dataset and source code for paper "Automating Intention Mining". 

The code is based on dennybritz's implementation of Yoon Kim's paper Convolutional Neural Networks for Sentence Classification. 

By default, the code uses Tensorflow 0.12. Some errors might be reported when using other versions of Tensorflow due to the incompatibility of some APIs.

Running '', you can input any sentence and check the classification result produced by a pre-trained CNN model. The model uses all sentences of the four Github projects as training data.

Running '', you can get the evaluation result of cross-project prediction. Please check the code for more details of the configuration. By default, it will use the four Github projects as training data to predict the sentences in DECA dataset, and in this setting, the category 'aspect evaluation' and 'others' are dropped since DECA dataset does not contain these two categories.



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