Data from: Improve Space and Manpower Utilisation

The Excel file included the data collected on the space and manpower utilisation for the seat hogging problem in the [Li Ka Shing] Library over the period February to March 2015. The analysis done included, Cause and Effect, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, Multiple Variables, Pugh Matrix, etc.

Poster abstract: From weeks 11 to 14, the [Li Ka Shing] Library sees a surge in the percentage of hogged seats to up to 31% of its capacity, which diverts manpower from its main operations to deal with both the problem and complaints from users that ensure. The team looked for a solution to decrease the percentage of hogged seats by creating a seat-hog free zone for users.

Related Publication: Lau, Aldred, Tan, Eileen, Lee, Jo Xin, Lim, Joshua, Lee, Shu Wei, et al. (2015, April). Improve Space and Manpower Utilisation. Poster presented at Singapore Management University, Singapore.