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Data from: Sorry, locals only: An experimental investigation of the affective, behavioural, and cognitive consequences of national identity denial

posted on 2022-09-26, 09:58 authored by NADYANNA BINTE MOHAMED MAJEED (SMU)

This is the underlying research data for master thesis: "Sorry, Locals Only: An Experimental Investigation of the Affective, Behavioural, and Cognitive Consequences of National Identity Denial". 

The three datasets contain quantitative measures on identity denial, identity questioning, identity discrepancy, and affective, behavioural, and cognitive outcomes. 

The datasets labelled 1A and 1B were collected through correlational survey methods (Study 1 pilot and replication samples), while the dataset labelled 2 was collected from an experiment (Study 2).

All analyses were conducted in R or SPSS. R code is available at 

Opening the .sav file requires SPSS or R.


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