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Data from: Values assessment for personnel selection: Comparing job applicants to non-applicants

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posted on 2021-12-23, 05:21 authored by Jeromy AnglimJeromy Anglim, Karlyn Molloy, Patrick D. Dunlop, Simon L. Albrecht, Filip Rene O LIEVENSFilip Rene O LIEVENS, Andrew Marty
This is the accompanying data for the journal article Values assessment for personnel selection: Comparing job applicants to non-applicants, forthcoming in the journal European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology. It includes the data as well as the scripts for analysis in R.

Data Description for Exported Data
The following file provides some details for the data supplied on the OSF.

There are three main data files
- rcases: rcases.rdata
This stands for raw cases. This file is contained in the R repository. It includes several cases that were excluded from the final analysis. It does not include derived variables such as scale scores.
- ccases: ccases.csv ccases.rdata
This stands for cleaned cases. As described in the R script and in the method, a few cases were removed because of concerns about data quality. These cases are excluded from ccases. Ccases also includes derived variables such as scale scores.
- data/meta.rdata:
This file includes meta data used for scoring the values measure. The general principle is that one row is one item. It indicates which broad and narrow values the item belongs to, whether it should be reversed and so on.
- crep.rdata
Data from repeated measures sample.

Variables in rcases/ccases
1. Demographics
For privacy purposes, the raw data shared on the repository has been slightly modified. Age was rounded to the nearest 10 (i.e., 20, 30, 40). All other demographic data besides age and gender is excluded.


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