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Visual abstract for "The future of the international financial system: The emerging CBDC network and its impact on regulation"

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posted on 2023-08-16, 03:34 authored by Heng WANGHeng WANG

This visual abstract is a graphical and layman summary of the journal article "The future of the international financial system: The emerging CBDC network and its impact on regulation" published in Regulation & Governance in 2023.

Central bank digital currency (CBDC) is a digital form of fiat currency. CBDC has the potential to be a game challenger in the international financial system, bringing increased complexities arising from technology and regulatory considerations, as well as generating greater currency competition. As more states begin exploring CBDC, the interactions between actors may lead to the emergence of a new CBDC network. What shape would the emerging CBDC network take? What would its network effects be? What would be the impact of the CBDC network on the international financial system, or the global financial network? This article explores these questions by examining the emerging CBDC network and its regulatory implications. It argues that the CBDC network would likely be both decentralized and uncoordinated, making it unlikely to lead to convergence in CBDC regulation. The CBDC network would probably bring policy diffusion effects, with states behaving instrumentally, while shaking up the power balance between different actors, generating both cooperation and conflict. The CBDC network also has the potential to push international financial system toward becoming more decentralized.


This visual abstract was created with contributions from Dong Danping, Tay Mui Yen and Aaron Tay from SMU Libraries.


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