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Barbielat: Codes and slides for Generate Your L(AI)brary Hackathon

posted on 2023-09-22, 05:29 authored by Jules ROBINS, Jana Trisha Tanchan GO, Kristle Mariz Francisco UY, Julia Patrice VILLA

# SMU Libraries GPT

SMU Libraries GPT is a web-based application that can be deployed using Streamlit (currently not publicly deployed due to keeping the API key a secret) that takes in user prompts and uses LangChain with OpenAI to generate answers.

## Features

- Intelligent Recommendation: Users can describe their interests or conditions to receive a more personalised answer.

- Q&A Search Enginge: Based on our dataset, the chatbot can provide direct answers to FAQ.

## Deployment

To deploy the project locally, make sure to:

- Put your own OpenAI API key in the file

- Download and open the project folder, then type 'streamlit run' in the terminal

- Open [http://localhost:8501](http://localhost:8501) using your browser to see the project

- Simply input your prompts in the text box to receive an answer!


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