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librarybuddies: Codes and slides for Generate Your L(AI)brary Hackathon (2nd prize winning team)

posted on 2023-09-15, 05:06 authored by Sean LIM, Marcus Sai Wei YAP, Jonathan Kwee Shyang LEE, Matthias Jie Kang LEE


LibraryBuddies is a chrome extension built to assist users in querying research databases. This chrome extension takes in a natural language prompt from the user and converts it into a search strategy.
When querying with natural language, the GPT4 model is instructed to convert the user's prompt into a search strategy by identifying critical themes and main points that will satisfy the user's input.

As a user, you can type a natural language query such as: "Show me the environmental impacts of green energy". You can also highlight any text to use the Generate Insights feature. When generating insights, the extension designs a search strategy based on the highlighted text. You can access this feature through the context menu.

In this current build, the LibraryBuddies extension queries the Singapore Management University(SMU) library database for resources. Upon installation of this extension, you will be prompted to enter an openAI API key. To use this extension, ensure that your API key has access to the GPT-4 model.


This extension is written in HTML, Javascript.


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