SMU Research Data Repository (RDR)


  • Improving Wikipedia's accuracy: Is edit age a solution?
  • Designing low-cost mobile websites for libraries
  • Embedding subject guides at NUS Libraries
  • Helping Users Help themselves - Maximising LibAnswers Usage
  • Implementing a Bento-Style Search in LibGuides v2
  • Could availability of free articles reduce faculty's dependence on the library? Analysis of items cited by faculty from Singapore Management University
  • Rethinking institutional repositories
  • Managing Volume in Discovery Systems
  • SMU Libraries: “Sensory” in Library Spaces
  • Using data analytics for discovering library resource insights: Case from Singapore Management University
  • A study of Errors in Wikipedia
  • Introducing the Initiative for Open Abstracts (I4OA)
  • Data and code for "Discoverability beyond the library: Search engine optimization (case study)"

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